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Thermal Imaging Services


Your electrical system that powers your facility cannot afford to have an unexpected failure or shut down. An Infrared Inspection of all electrical components can save you down-time by finding the problems before they find you. At Thermal Techniques, our Certified Thermographers have the training, experience, and knowledge that’s necessary to ensure that a catastrophic failure does not occur.

Advantages of Thermal Imaging for Electrical Components

  • Increases safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Reduces production Down-Time
  • Prevents premature failure of Equipment
  • Identifies potentially dangerous faulty equipment
  • Quickly locates problems, without interrupting service
  • Help reduce insurance costs

infrared electrical inspection imageinfrared electrical inspection image


The greatest enemies to equipment are friction and heat. Those two factors combine to cause the majority of equipment failures in any industry. With regular infrared inspections, dangerous heat buildup can be identified, saving your equipment, time, and money. Rotating equipment, pulleys, and drive belts, high bearing and oil temperatures, HVAC components, boiler, and chiller units, to name a few, all can be inspected quickly without inconveniencing your facility’s business.

Advantages of Thermal Equipment Analysis

  • Reduces insurance cost
  • Extends your equipment reliability
  • Reduces downtime through preventive maintenance
  • Increases safety
  • Offers planned maintenance scheduling

infrared motor bearing inspection imageMotor Bearing IR


Thermal imaging is a proven technology for finding moisture problems that seem to infiltrate flat roofing systems. Given the extremely high cost of replacing your roof system, an infrared survey can be a valuable tool for finding the areas of your roof that are damaged and in need of repair. In a flat roof system, during a sunny day, the roof will heat up at a fairly uniform temperature. At night, the areas of the roof that have moisture trapped beneath will retain their heat for a longer period of time. The longer that problems are permitted to persist, the more costly the repairs and the greater the liability. An experienced Thermographer can find, analyze and mark areas that need repair. Timely repair of these areas can save your roof from any further damage.  Annual and semi-annual (depending on the climate) roof inspections are key to preventing water infiltration, mold, rust, structural damage, and building failure. A study by the Army Corps of Engineers states that moisture can stay trapped in the insulation of the roof for no less than 10 years and up to 100 years or longer.

Advantages of Roof Thermal Imaging

Thermal Analysis of Commercial Roofs

Our Thermographer looks to help you reduce energy cost, verifies integrity of structure, prevent electrical fires, reduces insurance cost, and increases safety.

  • Identify energy loss (heating and air conditioning)
  • Identify possible mold forming areas
  • Locate termite and other pest infestations
  • Locate unwanted moisture in stucco
  • Locate wet or missing insulation

infrared roofing inspection imageinfrared roofing inspection image

Arc Flash Assessments

Thermal Techniques can help your company comply with all aspects of the NFPA 70E. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience with electrical safety, electrical power systems, and the project management experience necessary to comply with today’s standards while having minimal impact on your current operations.

Good safety practices take place long before any work is slated to be performed. Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Safety is not any different. The majority of businesses today that are striving to provide a safe workplace and comply with today’s electrical standards are already in operation. In these cases, performing an Arc Flash Analysis and Equipment Labeling is a process that takes place long after the design of a power system. By designing an electrical system from the beginning with Arc Flash and Electrical Safety in mind, many risks associated with Arc Flash can be mitigated or eliminated altogether.

Thermal Analysis & Building Envelope Test

How Insulation Inspection Improves Your Bottom Line

Of course, your buildings are insulated, but were they insulated correctly?

From homes to corporate offices to warehouses, our thermal imaging cameras and reports pinpoint energy losses due to causally applied insulation and air infiltration. We can assist in energy savings that show up on your bottom line. Our services can be used as building envelope acceptance testing just after initial construction, or after many years of paying too much to condition your facility, or if you need to meet today’s energy compliant requirements such as LEEDs.

Stop wasting energy and money.


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