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Temperature vs Pattern: What’s the Difference?

When most people hire a thermographer, they think that the biggest issue the professional will be looking for is temperature.It’s an easy mistake to make — after all, the temperature is part of the way we collect data about electrical and mechanical systems. However, the most important thing that a thermographer is looking for is

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Polymer Vs Crystal IR Windows: What’s the Difference?

IR Windows are specially designed optic windows which allow users to view higher voltage equipment. They make it easier for standard and infrared viewing and do their job without disrupting the environment they are in.Typically, they do this attached to switchgear enclosures. They’re constructed from metal or plastic frames, with clamped-in infrared transmissive optics. This

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Inspect Clean and Tighten For a Successful Thermographic Inspection

If you’re ready to have an infrared thermographic inspection, there are a few things you should do to get ready.Visually inspecting and cleaning your machinery before we arrive can help us get a clear reading of any problems that might exist. This will also help keep your machinery running smoothly as a thorough cleaning will

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